Ruby Finalist!

Do you ever reach a stage where you haven’t contacted a friend in such a long time, that you almost think it would be more rude to finally get in touch? That’s how I feel about this blog post!

I’ve spent months submerged in my first single-title contemporary romance. Not only was double the length of my usual stories, but also the first in a series, so it took me a long time to get the groundwork right. And the characters. And the foreshadowing. And the setting. I still haven’t drawn a literal map of the location yet, but will definitely have to before writing book two. Anyway, in order to meet the deadline of the next book in my schedule (you know, the one I haven’t started yet), I had to have my single-title finished by the end of July. And I scraped it in with one day to spare!

In my social hibernation, I failed to post about the incredibly exciting news that Breaking Good has placed as a finalist in the RUBY awards! It is one of three finalists in the new Short Romance section (a combination of the Short Sweet and Short Sexy sections from the past). The winner will be announced at the RWAus annual conference in mid-August, a weekend that’s always The Best Fun 🙂

Happy reading,

Madeline x

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