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Ruby Finalist!

Blog Breaking Good

Do you ever reach a stage where you haven’t contacted a friend in such a long time, that you almost think it would be more rude to finally get in touch? That’s how I feel about this blog post! I’ve spent months submerged in my first single-title contemporary romance. Not only was double the length […] Read more…

2017 Rita Award Finalist

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So Tuesday night was fairly standard. Got home from work, walked, cooked dinner. Went to bed, read for a while, and switched off the light. The next thing I know, I’m yanked back to consciousness by my phone ringing. It was 11.49pm. I would have let it ring out, but noticed through blurry eyes that […] Read more…

The Playboy has a Baby


Most writers feel lost when they finish writing a story and leave their characters behind. When I was writing a series for Tule, I touched base with all my characters in every book, so formed an even stronger attachment. Sometimes, I wonder what they’d be doing now… It’s almost been two years since Alexia and […] Read more…

Ruby Finalist and San Diego, Here I Come!

YFC RUBY Fairylights

What a year! So much is happening. Rolling on from the sheer amazement of Her Secret Prince being a RITA Finalist, I’ve decided to make the trip to San Diego for the RWA conference and awards gala. This will be my first trip overseas (just a short flight over the Pacific Ocean to warm into […] Read more…

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