Hello, I’m Madeline Ash, and I write sensitive, sexy contemporary romance.

I’m thrilled that two of my books have finalled in awards this year: Her Secret Prince was a finalist in the 2016 RITA® awards in the Romance Novella category, and You for Christmas is a finalist in the 2016 Ruby Awards in the Short Sweet category. It’s so very special to be a part of the final rounds of these awards.

You For Christmas is my latest release, and is connected to my other stories with Tule Publishing (The Playboy and Her Secret Prince). This one gets a bit heavy, so fair warning, but – spoiler alert – it ends well ;-)

Breaking Good is due out on September 1st, 2016 (Stevie’s story). More information to come!

Reviews for You For Christmas:

I would urge you to read You For Christmas the first chance you get. You will be rewarded with a powerful story, believable characters and a heroine who will find her way into your heart so easily.

 Keeper Bookshelf

This story has absolutely all the feels. There were so many amazing moments in this story. Felix is absolutely the sexiest nerd in creation. Poor Regan is just completely broken but she remembers the kindness in Felix and is drawn to him. My heart just broke for both of them. They truly deserved the happy ending they got.

Elizabeth Wright, Goodreads

If you’re looking for a warming Christmas read, but don’t want something too fluffy, then this is a good bet. The characters are complex and wonderful, the story is emotional at times, fun at others, and the whole thing is really enjoyable. It also offers up the hot Aussie sun instead of snow and ice and cold, so if you’re looking for an alternative Christmas, give this a try.

Book Gannet, Goodreads