Hi, I’m Madeline. Thank you for stopping by!

I’ve always lived in Melbourne. I’m emotionally allergic to spontaneity, and yet don’t mind the city’s unpredictable weather that drags me into rain when I’ve planned for sunshine. I like to call this my wild side.

I write contemporary romance novels with sensitivity, humour, and the hot tug of attraction. I also bolster the romance in my novels with the love of family and friends.

As a romance reader, I’m drawn to books with loads of dialogue and well-developed characters. A saucy scene or two never goes astray, nor does a moment that gets ‘caught in my eye’. These elements also go into my own stories, because I write what I’d love to read.


Breaking Good is a finalist in the 2017 RITA® Award in the Contemporary Romance: Short category. 

Her Secret Prince was a finalist in the 2016 RITA® Award in the Romance Novella category. 

You For Christmas was a finalist in the 2016 Ruby Award in the Short Sweet category.

I’ve been a member of RWAus for eight years and meet with my wonderful critique group once a month.

My debut novel, Uncovered by Love, was a finalist in the Valerie Parv Award 2011 and Ruby Award 2012. I have since received my rights back for this book and intend to re-release it in the future.

I had 12 manuscripts rejected between 2006-2012.

I was accepted for publication by small ebook press in 2010 – which fell under two weeks before my book was set to be released.

My favourite heroic trait is kindness.

I’m a vegan Virgo, living with a labradoole, tea obsession, and ARVC.

Harry Potter fanfiction got me into writing when I was 15. Draco/Hermione all the way, baby.

madeline ash